The Ultimate Stylised Product UI Kit - Web iOS Android WatchOS

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A customisable Figma illustration kit

Need to showcase your software product on your website but don't have the UI ready yet? Use this custom created Stylised UI illustration to showcase what your product would feel like to use without showcasing actual screenshots. Stop wasting your time taking and modifying screenshots to look good and fast-track your workflow to take on more, by doing less. Contains designs for web dashboards, mobile and watch app UIs.

27 customisable templates

  • Variety of UI states standardised in high quality standardised screens that can work for any use case or brand's needs
  • Designs include key product screen states for web dashboards, mobile and watch apps

Infinite colour customisation to fit your needs

  • Carefully selected colour schemes in each illustration that gives a cohesive look to each illustration
  • Easily change the colour to fit your brand needs all with a single change of colour. The illustration will automatically add the shades needed in the rest of the illustration.

Light and dark mode support

  • All templates contain light and dark mode designs which can be customised as per your requirement

Who should buy this UI kit:

  • Design enthusiasts and hobbyists — Looking to create a quick mockup of a website or launching a new MVP? Instantly up your visual design with these custom illustrations.
  • Working Designers — Spend less time on manually creating illustrations or screenshots and on providing solutions and value.
  • Design Teams — Ensure consistency across your products and projects by implementing a standard set of illustrations
  • Startups & Small business — Not quite funded yet? or dont have a great looking UI for your current product's marketing? Save your marketing team's face by showcasing beautifully to your users how your product's features would look and work like.


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Figma file with 27 customizable templates

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The Ultimate Stylised Product UI Kit - Web iOS Android WatchOS

3 ratings
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